Friday, February 12, 2010

Going Bonkers?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is life getting to you? Are you looking for ways to lighten up and lighten the load? Then check out this great magazine called Going Bonkers? -- The self-help magazine with a sense of humor. Published out of Katy, Texas, this quarterly magazine is full of light-hearted yet reliable and accurate help with life's conundrums and calamities. From the Going Bonkers website:
Better than a pill....
Hotter than a stolen tamale…
Healthier than a carrot.....
More helpful than a hotline….
Articles cover a range of topics, such as:   
  • Half a Mind -- Right Brain VS. Left Brain
  • Shame Off You -- Four Steps to shame-free living
  • Bam! Bang! Boom! -- When a Loved One Explodes from Anger
  • Goodbye Friend -- Coping with the loss of a beloved pet
  • The Black Hole -- Making the Best of a Ho-Hum Job
The articles do not use complicated concepts or fancy terms; they're straightforward and helpful without dragging the reader down. Regular monthly features such as "Bonkeroids" and "Wacky Wisdom" rely on brevity and levity (I couldn't resist) to carry serious messages. In addition, you can subscribe to the Going Bonkers? monthly newsletter, Bonkers Bits. I encourage you to check out Going Bonkers?.

Over the next two days, I'll post the two articles I've had published in the magazine to date.

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