Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yesterday I heard part of a radio program on the theme of "touch." The host interviewed guests about the importance of touch in their personal lives, careers, and so on. It got me thinking of moments of physical touch that have, well, touched me. Many of them have to do with my children -- holding hands with them, feeling a small hand on my cheek. I always felt a little guilty when I'd hold them when they had a temperature because I loved the heat their small bodies radiated.

Another memorable touch was the first time I kissed a boy. I was fourteen. We'd been patients together in a hospital, me for eye surgery, him for something I've long since forgotten. He was being discharged, and I was pretty sad to see him go. I rode down in the elevator with him (I can't think where his parents were), and he kissed me just before the doors opened. Wow.

This idea of touch has "touched off" many thoughts and ideas, so I imagine I'll be writing about it again. In the meantime, slow your life down a bit and muse about touches you remember...even from five minutes ago. Be present in your body as you meander through the past. It can be a lovely journey.

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Owen Klatte said...

When I was working in film labs in the early eighties one of the short educational films I worked on was called "A Sense of Touch". It was just nicely photographed images, set to music, of objects that evoked strong tactile sensations or memories in the viewer. Like, for example, a closeup of a baby's hand feeling her father's rough, unshaven face, or images of smooth, rough, sticky, cold or furry things we all interact with. I found it so engaging and charming that I made myself a copy. I'll have to look at it again, after all these years!