Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flowers & Passing it On

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been a few days since I made it on here due to Internet glitches that kept me offline. It feels good to be back, though I have to keep this post short. I'm heading off to have lunch with some good friends, one of whom is a beautiful 2-year old whose smile pretty much melts me into total, happy submission when she asks to climb onto my lap and read another story.

The other night a friend came over for our pre-arranged supper. She carried with her a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. What a treat! I told her about my blog post earlier in the week in which I'd talked about the healing, refreshing, energizing power of flowers...and here she was, proving what I'd read and written.

The next morning when I got up, the first thing I consciously noticed was those flowers on the kitchen table, and they did perk me up and give me a good feeling. Both her kind thought and the flowers' beauty worked their magic, and I decided I'd buy flowers for a friend soon, too. I actually tried to yesterday, but our grocery store didn't have any left, and there's nowhere else to buy flowers at this time of year.

But the seed has been planted -- pun intended -- and I will soon pass on the small delight of fresh cut flowers to someone. And I'll probably buy some for our home, too. What a simple pleasure.

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Christianna said...

Flowers are a big part of our lives. They are called upon in our happiest and saddest days. Sent to celebrate the birth of a child, weddings and the passing of loved ones. We use them to say we are sorry or congratulations on a job well done.