Tuesday, September 21, 2010

System Repair

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last night I got set to do some prep for the courses I'm teaching, and I was feeling a little under the gun, as they say. I sat down, all ready to put in an hour before heading out to a meeting...and my laptop would not start. It had already not started twice before supper, so I'd turned it off to rest and rejuvenate itself. Apparently it didn't help. I was most unhappy.

So this morning, tired and cranky, I held my breath, crossed my fingers, and made a heartfelt request to the Computer Gods: "Please, please, let my laptop work this morning. I really need it." (Translation: I am feeling really needy right now.)

I got myself into the best attitude of belief and positive energy that I could muster. It was rather thin, but it was the best I could do. Opened the lid. Pushed the power button. Saw nothing but black. Again. Then...be still my heart...flashes of light blue, action in the idiot lights, and hope in my heart.

A dialogue box came up. It was called, "System Repair." Oh, blessed, blessed System Repair! I'd never seen such a thing before, but here it was, offering me hope. My little silver laptop began trying to repair itself. It made no promises, but it tried.

As the little blue bar scurried along its path, doing the best it could, I realized I already felt better just knowing my laptop had such a function. And -- personal-growth-cosmic-moment-alert -- I realized I have system repair functions, too.

My body forms scabs and scars when I have a cut. I don't have colds for longer than a week.

When I get too busy and feel pressured so that it's hard to sleep or smile or enjoy anything, my mind finds ways to cope and, in time, slow down. I don't stay utterly crazy eternally.

My emotions self-heal, too. I don't stay irritable or sad forever and ever. I look for and find reasons to be grateful when I'm down in the dumps. I believe in my friends and family most of the time, and this helps me move on from relationship glitches.

So, while my laptop did its thing, I did mine. I decided to notice and say thanks to the Computer and Cosmic Gods for system repair functions of all sorts. Which brings me to this blog post and feelings less stormy and grey than they were before.

Thanks. Miigwetch. Merci. Gracias.


Hubert said...

Prior to my morning commute into the city today, I was reading your present feature on "system repair" and with gusto it seems my brain tried to absorb,reason and process what this meant for me in my waking moment. I found myself re-reading words and phrases, it was then and there that I decided this article would be approached in a piecemeal manner; that being said, here I am at approximately 11:00 a.m., commenting on your article. Yes, there are times I too am reminded that "system repair" can be in relation to limitations that my body,mind and spirit must endure on a daily basis. Therefore, may I suggest a pat on the back, a hug or a moment of self love while being present in a moment of "sytem repair". Peace

Kate Thompson said...

Amen, Hubert. Peace to you, too.

Anonymous said...

Love it Kate.....and yes we do have that function too!HUGS...susan

Kate Thompson said...

System repair...one of my new best friends. Goes on the list with family, actual friends, and the Undo button on my computer.

Anonymous said...
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