Thursday, December 17, 2009

Head + Heart + Hands + Feet = Action

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thousands of studies have shown that childhood abuse in its many forms – sexual, other physical, verbal, emotional, spiritual – often, often contributes to, develops and/or erupts into these results:
  • children and teenagers running away
  • suicide ideation, attempts and success
  • self-harm through cutting and addictions, for example
  • harming others
  • being abused and assaulted in adulthood
  • difficulty learning
  • poverty
  • physical illness
  • incarceration
  • repeated unsuccessful or harmful relationships
  • risk-taking behaviour
  • promiscuity
All this research is useful head work, but when society -- that's you and me -- denies and ignores the truth of these conclusions, more babies get raped, more girls and boys are tormented, more teens cut and burn and drug themselves, more people get beaten, more people commit suicide and commit crimes.

The abuse of children, teens and adults is wrong. Period. You and I can do something. Period. I encourage you to join your head to your heart, hands and feet.

Learn about abuse. Feel something. Do something.
You can, truly, do something to help. Learn in your head, feel in your heart, move your hands and feet; it's not really so hard, and the benefits are immeasurable but real.

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